Tenant Relations
Handling tenant inquiries, addressing concerns, and managing tenant relationships.

Lease Administration
Drafting and managing lease agreements, renewals, and terminations.

Property Inspections
Regular inspections ensure safety & maintenance compliance.

Vendor Management
Overseeing relationships with contractors, suppliers, and service providers.

Emergency Response
Providing 24/7 emergency response services for tenants and property issues.

Property Maintenance and Repairs
Coordinating maintenance, repairs, and renovations as needed to keep the property in good condition.

Rent Collection and Financial Reporting
Collecting rent, maintaining financial records, and providing regular financial reports to property owners.

Budgeting and Financial Planning
Developing and managing property budgets, forecasting expenses, and maximizing property value.

Environmental Conditions Oversight and Management
Regularly assessing various environmental factors within a property, while implementing solutions to address identified environmental concerns.

Owner’s Project Representative
Representing the owner’s best interests throughout the entire project life cycle by advising the owner on all aspects of the project (feasibility, design, budget, etc.) while advocating for the owner’s needs and ensuring the project aligns with their goals.

Contract Negotiation & Management
Ensuring effective negotiations to lay the foundation for a clear and enforceable contract, minimizing the risk of future disagreements while ensuring all parties fulfill their obligations, leading to a smooth and successful transaction of services.